Why become a UStart student?

  • Explore a university environment while completing high school
  • Start post-secondary while still in high school & have your SD61 sponsor your tuition.
  • Dual credit courses & programs let you earn high school and university credits at the same time.
  • Enhance your resume by demonstrating a commitment to education, time management skills and direction

Who is UStart for?

High-achieving SD61 students who are currently completing a full range of grade 11&12 courses required to be admitted to degree studies at Uvic.

Are there any Prerequisites?

  • Minimum 85% average in all academic subjects to-date
  • High academic standing (approx. 90%) in the field of study you plan to pursue at university.
  • Complete all prerequisites identified for the course(s) you’ve selected prior to the first day of classes

What fees can I expect to pay?

  • Tuition is paid by SD61; further details are available in the full Program Guide
  • UVIC Ancillary Fees are mandatory for ALL UVic students
    • These fees are approx. $165.00
      • include UVic Students society, Athletics & Recreation and the Universal Bus Pass
    • ancillary fees are your responsibility and must be paid by the deadline
    • If you withdraw AFTER the 100% drop rate, Fees are NON REFUNDABLE

What Courses are available for students to take?

First year courses.  Check out here what is available uStart – courses available for students.

I Think I am interested, what is next?


  • Review the program guide to see if uStart is the right fit for you and your educational goals.
  • Think about your future post-secondary plans
    • what class you’d like to study at UVic
    • if you’ll have room with your high school timetable and busy schedule.
  • Connect with a counsellor or the ESQ Careers team as early as possible. Together you can decide if participation is a good option for you.

 The recommendation for admission from your principal is mandatory!

Can I apply if I am an international student?

YES, if you have met the following:

What does the application timeline look like?

  • NOW – Discuss the program with your counsellor
  • Feb – Obtain a copy of the full uStart Program guide & application from your counsellor or ESQ Careers Team
  • April – Prepare and submit the application & supplementary materials.
  • May – Successful applicants are notified by email.
  • May / June – uStart students meet with their counsellors to go over the Uvic timetable and make a final course selection
  • End of June – Official admission letters are mailed to uStart participants.
  • Fall / winter – Participants attend classes at UVic​.

Still, have questions? Connect with ESQ Careers Team: Mr. Henderson or Tarra